May 23rd, 2007


Parallel Restore with mysqlimport

From Peter Z's Blog:

I noticed this:

Parallel restore This is absolutely required if time is the issue as serious systems may perform much better in such case.

In 5.1 I added the following option to mysqlimport "--use-threads".

With it you can now tell mysqlimport to use multiple threads while doing an import of a backup made with mysqldump where you specified dumping the database in tab format. I don't believe I have a graph anywhere showing the speedup, but its pretty damn impressive.

Oh, and what is especially nifty about this?

Just take a copy of mysqlimport from the 5.1 distribution and use it on your previous versions of MySQL. I can't promise it will work with anything earlier then 3.23 but I suspect it will :)

A New York with all Hybrid Taxis?

Just saw this article on engadget:
All New York taxis to be hybrids by 2012

My first thought?

Someone should record the ambient noise right now on a street and monitor it for the next five or so years.

Have you been to New York City? I know plenty of people who have not.

Its not like other cities in the US, because its a big city. One with a lot of people... and when you get that sort of populations the economics change.

You don't want to own a car. You never buy a house. Buying something means having it delivered.

Taxis are everywhere.

Where ever you turn, there is a Taxi, and being a car they are loud. Hybrids are not.

When I think of New York, I think of the sounds of the street. Cars honking, engines cycling up after the light changes.

A New York with all hybrids might be considerably quieter, or maybe it will be like Tokyo where when you stop and listen you hear the hum of people walking and talking.

Very different.

Even the smell of New York will change if the emissions are reduced.

Hopefully someone will instrument the change, it would be fascinating to see.

Graphic Novels, My Library

So Chris's post, about Cory's post has me thinking about what I buy. First of all, I am cheap, I only buy from second hand stores. This keeps me both in bookstores, and out of the habit of just reading books because I read one of the volumes in the series. Despite this I have a few hundred graphic novels :)

I also have lousy taste in Super Hero comics that I developed as a teenager. If you look through my Library Thing, you can see the evidence of this.

Zero Girl Surreal, angst world of circles vs triangles. I picked this up a few months ago and its second volume became my first "new buy" of a graphic novel in years.

UltimatesYes, this is Super Hero crap, and I never liked the Avengers in the first place. I do like the Ultimates. It may be because its a bit darker, or just because I happen to like the concept of a norse god who is an environmentalist.

Fallen Angel This is a recent find, and I only have one volume at the moment. Nice artwork, plus it goes a bit against the grain as far as being clever with character actions.

The Authority If you had a bunch of super powered humans walking around, isn't it likely that some of them would turn into rock stars and then ego their way into being a bunch of Fascists? I was talking to a friend recently about the world that is painted for this series and he commented on how much he hated it, just because all of the characters were a bunch of asses. That is the point :)

What do I have next to read? I've got seven volumes of Lucifer to read up on the shelf. I am also looking for the next volume in "Y the Last Man" that Chris mentioned. When I was last at Monty's I read several volumes of it that he had recently picked up.

Interested in the history of comic books? Try reading The Comics Journal Library: Frank Miller. Frank Miller has done amazing stuff. Even if you don't know his name, you have seen something that was inspired by him. "The Comics Journal Library: Frank Miller" is a collection of interviews by him over a period of two decades. Its amazing to read about the changes in the industry through the eyes of a creator. I stopped reading comics when I was 17, and only recently picked up the habit again. His views on the industry filled in some of the history that I missed when I stopped reading comics and really explained to me why we have such an explosion of amazing writing going on right now.

New RSS Feed for ExploitSeattle

I've created a new RSS feed for Exploit Seattle:

What is the change? The old feed just listed events as they were approved into the system, which was useful, but not as useful as getting the events that are occurring today. If you subscribe,your RSS reader will get each days events a minute past midnight of each day.

What next? I need to sit down and write up an RSS API for people who want to customize their feed information a bit more (or who want to get a listing of all changes as they go through the system).

I am also playing around with dumping data in iCal format, for example here is an entry for the Seattle International Film Festival:

I'm not setting the mime-type right just yet so I can finish debugging it. One big problem in the system is that for time the field is just a text field, not a date or duration type. This means that setting iCal output correctly for time is a no go right now. The old system was Slash which had horrible support for time series information. The new system is my forked copy of everything, which has a bit better understanding of meta data (plus it is much easier to extend by me).