January 12th, 2007


Friday, Finding a bug...

You know, sometimes there is nothing like finding the bug you have been hunting for, for a couple of days, on a Friday at 5:40 PM.

The optimize() call in Archive didn't have the right table buffer after someone updated the call to field->offset(). Tricky little thing... heisenbug (and no this is not in any release of 5.1 as far as I can tell, recent change).

Ok, technically this is a shroedinbug.

ATA over Ethernet, Some ideas are perhaps best published...

I have a bit book of ideas, and I want to code all of them.

There is of course only so many hours in the day.

Ever since I first read about ATA over Ethernet I have been wondering if I could use this as some form of redundant bad ass storage for a database or any other block like need.

The API is easy, and sure you could use it just as a filesystem, but you could also just write to the interface.

Read the link I provided... its one of those interesting technologies that isn't getting a lot of headlines but you know... its got an open source implementation and a number of OS'es now have drivers for it. For SAN it makes a lot of sense. For a block network implementation it could be pretty nifty.

I had promised myself that in December I would set aside a couple of days for myself to implement a prototype to play with, but it never happened.

I have a plane ride on Sunday to Boston... I wonder how much coding time I could get on the flight to write a quick prototype of a block storage means for MySQL....